Helen Wan-Fry                                   Expertise:
Executive Administrator                   
Executive administration
BA                                                       Social media management
                                                            Policy and procedure development

Helen has had several years of experience in office administration and extensive work as a virtual executive assistant in the non-profit sector. Having also had work experience in the service industry and education, teaching grade school and working with children with special needs both in Canada and overseas, she has developed and cultivated strong communication and organizational skills.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Simon Fraser University, Helen also holds the Level II TESL Certification. She has had coaching training through both the 1 Day Coaching Training and the Accredited SEEDS Program Coaching Training. It is through the coach training that she has come to realize the power of a coach approach and the importance of leveraging your strengths to best achieve success within a team setting.

Helen and her husband, Michael love being in nature hiking/snowshoeing and camping. They also enjoy travelling and eating together. They are currently discovering the joys (and craziness) of parenting their baby boy Arion!