Every organization has a vision, purpose and/or mission statement. Every organization has a strategy which aims to achieve and fulfill their vision and purpose. And every organization has either written or implicit values. 

Our role helps UNCOVER what is already there and what possibly is missing. Through a process of facilitation with the leadership team we help uncover the language that has guided and created the organization's culture.

When we have discovered all of the language of the organization we are positioned to assess the relevance and potential for leading into the future.



Once clarity comes, we shift toward UNDERSTANDING. In this phase we evaluate our current context. This helps us calibrate current written language with the envisioned future.

Our role helps you to UNDERSTAND through a SWOT. Current language is evaluated and compared between the current reality and the future hope for by the leadership. 

When we understand both the current internal and external reality along with the opportunities and threats surrounding us we are ready to bring alignment. 



Alignment comes when everything can be UNITED with common language.

Our role is to facilitate a process where UNITED language is agreed upon by the leadership. This language needs to be accessible, concise and memorable. 

When the language is agreed upon then we are ready to unleash the power of clarity and alignment.


Finally we are ready to UNLEASH the newly defined strategic plan through a systems approach to your organization's leadership.

Our role is to provide the tracks for your leadership team and staff to run on in order to ensure alignment throughout the organization. The tracks will bring clarity on where attention and focus ought to be as long as agreement on how we will measure success.